Ajax Programming

AJAX Programming (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a combination of various popular technologies assembled to create the next generation of web applications that are more interactive and responsive and act like their desktop counterparts.

The AJAX web programming technique constitutes a compendium of testified technologies like CSS, XHTML, XML Http Request (XHR) and JavaScript. AJAX web development technologies are adaptable to all JavaScript enabled browsers irrespective of the operating systems. Moreover, AJAX web programming techniques also recognize an impressive range of Eclipse-based development tools that are open source and can be downloaded and used for free. Well-applied AJAX web programming is certainly a benefit for every type of web application, simple sites or complex business applications.

  • Highly Interactive Web interfaces
  • Web Service Interactions
  • Web Based Reporting Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Integrations
  • Information Portals
  • Web Instant Messenger
  • Drag and drop Solutions
  • AJAX Based Web Photo Gallery
  • Spell Checker

OKTAMAM, one of the premier web design and development companies in INDIA, excels in AJAX web development. Our expert team of AJAX programmers has built up and delivered ecommerce shopping applications in open source (oscommerce) with AJAX web programming to turn the application flexible and faster.

Our Php-AJAX programmers are experts in developing Rich Internet Applications and web 2.0 based applications that make your website faster and more user-friendly. OKTAMAM has successfully used AJAX programming in several modules for sites and applications like charts, demos, maps and quotation of rates of exchange. A wide array of AJAX web application enables us to offer effective solutions to our clients.